How to Respond to “Wsg?” on Dating Apps? (And Actually Get Somewhere)

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So… you swiped right, you matched, and now you see that glorious notification—a message! But it’s not a Shakespearean sonnet or a hilarious anecdote.

It’s the ever-present, three-letter wonder, “Wsg?”

While “Wsg?” (short for “What’s good?”) might seem like a casual throwaway greeting, it can be your golden opportunity to make a good first impression. Let’s face it, on dating apps, where competition is fierce, a boring response can land you lost in the sea of unread messages.

Therefore, what you need is a guide that will equip you with a repertoire of responses guaranteed to get the conversation flowing and spark that connection you’re looking for.

Remember, the right response can be the difference between landing a date and getting left on read.

So, let’s get started.

General Responses to Keep It Cool and Conversational

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Here are some general responses that are chill, easygoing, and perfect for any situation:

1. “I’m good! Thanks for asking.”

This is a classic, can’t-go-wrong response. It shows you’re in a good mood and appreciative of them reaching out. It also keeps the ball in their court, inviting them to elaborate on their own day.

2. “Not much. Wbu?”

This is a neutral response that works well if you’re not sure how to gauge the vibe yet. It lets them know you’re open to conversation and invites them to share what’s going on with them.

3. “The usual!”

This is a laid-back response that suggests things are going as expected. It’s a good option if you don’t want to get too deep right away but still want to show you’re interested in chatting.

4. “Hanging in there.”

Let’s be honest, sometimes life throws curveballs. This response is honest without being overly negative. It can even spark a conversation about what they’re up to or if there’s anything you can do to help.

5. “Just chillin’.”

This chill response paints a picture of someone easygoing and carefree. It sets a casual tone for the conversation and suggests you’re open to chatting without pressure.

6. “Counting down the hours!”

This response injects a bit of excitement and lets them know you have something to look forward to. It can be a good conversation starter if you want to elaborate on your plans or use it as a segue to ask about theirs.

Creative Responses to Stand Out from the Crowd

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Let’s face it, dudes!

If you want to grab her attention and make a lasting impression, it’s time to unleash your inner wordsmith.

Here are some creative responses to “Wsg?” that will show off your personality and make you stand out from the crowd.

1. “This weather is good! (at least for now)”

This is a great way to break the ice and make a positive observation. You can tailor it to the actual weather or add a playful twist, like “Sunshine today, and I’m hoping to brighten someone’s day too.” 😉

2. “Living the dream!”

This injects a bit of humor and lets her know you don’t take yourself too seriously.  You can follow it up with a playful detail about your “dream” or ask her what her dream entails.

3. “I’m good, just conquered [a small task].”

This subtly shows you’re productive and have a sense of accomplishment. Be sure to keep the task lighthearted, like “conquered making the perfect cup of coffee this morning.”

4. “Better than yesterday, which is the goal!”

Showing optimism with a “glass half full” mentality—this response shows you have a good attitude and are always looking to improve. It can also lead to a conversation about what she’s looking forward to.

5. “Good enough to be talking to you!”

Flattery can work wonders but use it wisely. This is a smooth way to compliment her and show your interest. You could follow up with a question about her day or something you noticed on her profile.

6. “I’d tell you, but then I’d have to kill you (Just kidding!)”

This is a risky one, but if delivered with the right tone, it can be a funny way to grab her attention.  Just be sure to follow it up with something genuine to avoid coming off creepy.

7. “On a scale of 1 to awesome, I’m feeling majestic!”

This playful response shows confidence without being arrogant. It can also be a conversation starter—you could ask her how she’s feeling on the “awesome scale.”

Remember, creativity is key here!

Don’t be afraid to add your personal touch and tailor these responses to your interests and sense of humor. The goal is to make her smile, remember your message, and want to chat more.

Funny Responses to Make Her Laugh

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A good sense of humor can be a positive trait in social interactions, as it can help people connect, break the ice, and create a sense of warmth and friendliness.

These funny responses will have her chuckling and wanting to chat more.

1. “Good, considering I just woke up 5 minutes ago.”

A little self-deprecating humor can be endearing. Just make sure it’s not overused or comes across as negative. You could follow up with a funny anecdote about your morning routine.

2. “I’d be better if I had a million bucks.”

This playful response injects some humor and lets her know you wouldn’t mind some financial security (who would?). It’s a lighthearted way to break the ice and see if she has a good sense of humor too.

3. “Same as always, avoiding responsibility.”

We can all relate to wanting to avoid responsibility sometimes. This relatable response shows you’re down-to-earth and can laugh at the everyday struggles. It might even spark a conversation about what responsibilities you’re trying to avoid (don’t mention chores!).

4. “Good, you? Because you look amazing!”

A compliment is always appreciated, but with a twist, it can be even more memorable.  Just make sure the compliment feels genuine and avoid anything too forward.

5. “Living the high life…of instant ramen.”

This is a funny way to acknowledge you might not be living in luxury.  It’s relatable and shows you can laugh at yourself. But be prepared to follow up—maybe mention a delicious recipe you’ve mastered for your ramen.

6. “Is “good” an option? Because that’s all I’ve got.”

A touch of sarcasm can be funny but use it sparingly.  This response is playful and shows you have a sense of humor. Just make sure the rest of your conversation is positive and engaging.

7. “Good, except for the fact that I just [minor inconvenience].”

We all have those days when the little things go wrong.  Funnily sharing a relatable mishap can be a great conversation starter.

Remember, with funny responses, the key is to read the room and tailor your humor to her personality. Don’t go overboard with offensive jokes or anything that might come across as mean-spirited.

You want to make her laugh, not cringe!

Flirty Responses to Turn Up the Charm

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Alright fellas, now it’s time to subtly show your interest and spice up the conversation.  These flirty responses will leave her wanting more and set the stage for a potential connection.

1. “Good, but it would be better if I were talking to you in person.”

This response flatters her and subtly suggests you’d like to take the conversation offline.  Just be smooth—you don’t want to come on too strong right away.

2. “I was good, but seeing your message made it even better.”

A little flattery never hurts!

This response shows you’re interested in getting to know her and opens the door for further conversation. You could follow up with a question about her message or something on her profile.

3. “Good, now that you’ve texted!”

This playful response lets her know you were looking forward to hearing from her.  It’s a subtle way to show your interest and keep the conversation flowing.

4. “Doing great, especially knowing you’re thinking of me.”

Let her know you appreciate her reaching out. This response is flattering and shows you’re interested in getting to know her more.

5. “I could be better…need any company?”

This flirty response playfully suggests you’d be interested in meeting up.  Just be prepared to follow up with a specific suggestion or offer an alternative if she’s not ready to meet in person yet.

Remember, with flirty responses, keep it light and respectful.

The goal is to show your interest without being overly forward. Let your charm shine through and focus on building a connection through conversation.

Alright, guys!

From chill greetings to playful pick-up lines, you’re now equipped with a response arsenal to conquer any “Wsg?” on a dating app. Remember, the key is to be yourself, keep it positive, and show genuine interest in getting to know her.


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